The Easy Breather, created by J.H. Vipond
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In looking for the next villain to challenge the Easy Breather and her allies, I thought of reviving yet another character I created circa 1992. I'm not sure this villain can be done in Poser 5, though.

Madame Headstrong is an evil cyborg whose head is a non-explosive projectile weapon. A special collar keeps her head in place until she decides to launch it. Her headless body is paralyzed until her head is reattached. She has a companion robot whose primary function is to retrieve her head, carry it to her and reattach it to her body.

Madame Headstrong was not very athletic while she was fully human, but her robotic parts compensate for that. She has red hair, one brown eye and one infrared eye. Above her ears are retractable horns, which she uses as handgrips when simulating short-distance flight. Her neck contains a digital speech synthesizer. As for clothing, she often wears little more than a trenchcoat and flat-soled shoes.

As her name implies, Madame Headstrong is arrogant and combative. Her real name is not yet known, nor are the circumstances that led to her becoming a cyborg.

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