Character Descriptions

I made the character images below for my graphic novel on an Apple G4 Power Macintosh computer with MicroFrontier Color-It! 4.01 and Curious Labs Poser 4.03. I am now using a Mac mini with Poser 7 and Comic Life. If you take issue with the heroes’ origin stories, consider this: Do you ask how a spider bite could give a man the power to climb walls and spin webs? I am a writer, not a scientist.


The Easy Breather
Captain Light
Ant Woman
The Easy Breather is the superheroic identity of Samantha Dawn Lewis, an ambitious — and well-developed — television newscaster. After losing her parents to arson, Samantha starts to lose confidence in herself, until a stranger on the bus offers her a new perfume, which increases her lung capacity. Not your ordinary blue-eyed blonde, the Easy Breather knows that the way to prevent crime is to ban tobacco. Captain Light (real name Christopher David Light) is a U.S. Army surgeon turned radio announcer. He has the ability to generate a field of pure light around his body. Ant Woman (real name Darla Colleen O’Hara) is the world’s only dwarf superheroine, as Irish as the Blarney Stone. She has tremendous strength and agility, a genius intellect and remarkable sex appeal.


Karman McKnockside
Mr. Miasma eating pepper
Operator with Pound and Star
Karman McKnockside (real name Carmen Ophelia McNaughton) is the primary villain: a bald, dark-skinned sorceress with an intense addiction to cigarets. Long before she started smoking, Karman felt she had no sex appeal. Unwilling to stop smoking and finding sorcery ineffective against her lung cancer, Karman decides she wants a lung transplant — and her intended donor is Matthew Black. She suspects, but does not know for a certainty, that the Easy Breather is her childhood friend Samantha Lewis, so what better hostage than another newscaster? William Rubin, alias Mr. Miasma, is a scientific genius and Karman McKnockside’s reluctant henchman. He had been in prison for robbing his employer and attempting to finance a meth lab. Samantha Lewis was covering Rubin’s sentencing only hours after (unbeknownst to her) her parents died as a result of a house fire that was set by an arsonist who used gasoline and a lighted cigaret.

While working in the prison kitchen, Rubin acquired a taste for hot Mexican peppers. The peppers increased his strength and made his breath pungent enough to melt iron. Upon learning of this, Karman enabled Rubin to escape, gave him a new costume, and dubbed him Mr. Miasma.

The Operator (real name Ruth Ellen Seaver) is a telephony-themed villain. She commands two human accomplices, code-named Pound and Star, as well as nine robots.

Other Characters

Matthew Black in yellow suit
Vivian with camcorder
Sally at newsdesk
Matthew Paul Black is Samantha’s bearded co-anchor and confidant. He was on the bus with Samantha when she first became the Easy Breather. He and Samantha both are modest, unwilling to take more credit for their work than they deserve. In the first story, when Matthew is called away to what he thinks is an interview assignment, he is captured by the sorceress Karman McKnockside. Vivian Lee Harris is the curly-headed cutie with the camcorder. Another of Samantha’s co-workers, Vivian is also skilled at video editing. Sally Ann Reynolds is a summer intern in the news department of the TV station where Samantha and Matthew are employed. Eager to sit behind the anchor desk, Sally gets her chance when Samantha, as the Easy Breather, goes to rescue Matthew from Karman’s trap.

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