The Easy Breather, created by J.H. Vipond
Advisory: This comic is rated Web-14. It contains scenes of non-sexual nudity and minimal violence. If you don’t want to, or are not allowed to, view such content, then leave now.

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It seems that I was on to something with making the Easy Breather's first foe a dark-skinned smoker. According to a recent report from Public Radio International, dark skin attracts more nicotine than light skin.

A reminder to my readers: I need more encouragement and fewer insults. The only emails I want to see about The Easy Breather are those from decent people who enjoy my webcomic or have suggestions for improvement. Even if you don't like my webcomic, you do not have the right to dictate its content, nor am I forcing anyone to read it.

I am still looking for 3D models of hand-rolled cigarets and an ornamental tobacco plant, usable in Poser 5, Bryce 5 or Cinema 4D CE Release 6. I am planning to use those models, if they exist, in a future story.

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